Frequently Asked Questions

1. I am a Beginner in pottery, where should I start from?
Hi, we offer both One-time experience workshop and Pottery course for Beginner level learners. You could choose a course suitable for you in the links below:

Trial session/
a) Throw & Paint Workshop

Pottery Course (4 sessions)/
a) Wheel Throwing Course
b) Handbuilding Course

2. How many types of pottery workshops are there at your studio? What is the difference between Wheel
throwing and Handbuilding?

There are Wheel throwing courses and Handbuillding workshops available at our studio.Wheel throwing is
a pottery shaping method by pulling out various shapes and vessels by centering clay on pottery wheel.
Wheel throwing technique is popularly seen in a famous scene of the classic movie .
Whereas Handbuilding is a pottery shaping method without the use of pottery wheels. It is usually done
on the workstation, shaping clay into various shapes and forms with techniques such as slab, mold, coil
and pinch. Handbuilding method provides a unique texture and unique outcome to the pottery works.

3. How do I make a booking on the workshop session?
Please contact us by clicking on the website link on the bottom right corner of the Facebook Messenger
to check with us the availability of the time session of your choice. When the time session is confirmed,
please proceed to the payment process, and send us a receipt/proof of your payment to our customer
service.We will secure your slot when the payment is confirmed.

4. Are there any age limitations on signing up pottery workshops?
Students above 8 year old are welcome to sign up our workshops, please refer to the links in Q1. of the

5. How much do the courses cost? Are there any hidden fees?
Our pottery course (4 sessions x 2.5 hrs) costs RM920, while our One-time Experience Workshop cost
RM250/person and Rm480/pair of two.

6. Can I take my pottery works home after the workshop session?
We have written clearly the total amount of pottery pieces in the course outlines along with the fees,
please refer to the links in Q1. of the FAQ.

7. If I miss a class, can I reschedule another day for a replacement session?
Due to the limitation on the workspace available in our studio, we do not allow rescheduling and refunding for our One-time Experience Workshops.For students who signed up our Long-term courses, cancellation or rescheduling can be done 48 hrs before the initial confirmed time slot of the session is commenced, or else it will be deducted as a forfeit session.

8. If I cancel the class after my slot is secured, is the fees refundable?
Hi, unfortunately we do not provide a refund policy upon cancellation.

9. How many students are there in a workshop session?
Wheel throwing is maximum 6 students, while Handbuilding is maximum 8 students per session.

10. What language is used to conduct the class?
We usually speak both Mandarin and English to conduct the class.

11. Am I able to master all skills after completing the course?
Our tutors are committed in teaching the skills to every student, meantime we also strongly believe that
every student could master the pottery skills with consistent practice and determination to excel.

12. Do you provide studio space renting?
Yes, we do provide studio space renting, please send us an email to for inquiries.

13. If I rent your entire studio space, how many person can be accommodated in the studio?
Due to the limitation on the workspace available in our studio and our tutors’ tuition fees,we only allow
maximum 15 person on weekdays ; and maximum 20 person on weekends.

14. My friend came here along with me but he/she does not sign up the session, can my friend wait me
in the studio while I undergo the session?

We are sorry that due to the limitation on the workspace available in our studio, and to provide a
comfortable environment as well as workflow for our students, we suggest your friend or your family who
accompanied you to pass their time at the cafes available nearby.

15. Are there any restaurants and cafes available nearby?
Our studio is located at c180, Cheras Selatan area. There are plenty of cafes and steamboat restaurants
around for you to dine in before or after class.

16. Can I find parking lots in your studio location?
Yes, there are ample of open space parking lots nearby our studio location, as well.

1. 我是初学者,请问我可以从何开始呢?
2. 陶艺课有分几种?拉胚和手工陶艺有什么区别?
3. 请问要如何预约课程?
请点击网站右下角/下方的Facebook Messenger并咨询我们你想要的时段是否有空缺,确定后才进行汇款,并发汇款发条给我们客服,我们将会把你要的位子确定下来。
4. 请问什么年龄层可以参加陶艺课?
5. 你们的课程的收费是多少呢?是否有任何隐藏费用?
我们的长期课程(4堂x 2.5小时)价格 RM920,而一次性体验工坊价格每人RM250和二人同行RM480。
6. 来上课时做的作品,是否每个都能带回家?
7. 如果我突然有事缺席,是否可以再预约?
8. 请问预定位子后,若是取消可否要求退款?
9. 你们每堂课的人数是多少?
10. 你们上课的媒介语言是什么?
11. 我报读课程后,是否一定能充分掌握到技巧?
12. 你们是否有出租工房空間服务?
14. 我朋友没有参与当天课程,可否在工房内等待?
16. 你们的工房地点是否附近有停车位?

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